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"The values of Magna Carta are those that should remind the people in power that they have it with the consent of the people, not in spite of them. Popular disengagement with politics is down in part, he says, to people losing that sense of having a contract – their own charter – with government" - Sir Robert Worcester

Next year we will celebrate the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta which Lord Denning called ‘the greatest legal document of all time’.

The ‘Great Charter’ provides the foundation for all democracies. It would be possible to argue that it is our greatest ever export.

But next year can’t just be about looking back, it will be a time to examine the health of our democracy and how we can make improvements to it.

At Lobbi we will be facilitating this conversation and engaging with people across the country to explore how we can improve citizen engagement in politics, democracy and civil society.

We will also be providing philanthropic support for the best ideas that emerge in these conversations.

Will be doing this both online but also at a series of monthly curate events and debates.

We will be announcing details shortly.